Become a teacher!

We are always looking for teachers (FR, NL and/or EN) who want to share their passion with kids. 

We are not looking for specific profiles and are embracing diversity. If you are passionate about education or IT and have an affinity with 6 - 12 years old children, then write us!

This is a paid position. However, money is not and should not be the primary driver.

Technology implies a certain cost that can be a burden for children to access education.

Therefore, we are putting in place a transparent donation system to provide free access to underprivileged kids.

We made it as simple and transparent as possible. You will be able to

  • Chose what contribution you want to give (e.g., one time donation, monthly fee, offer a free training to a kid, offer a robot)

  • See how we spend the money! Accounts are transparent

Donate for education