IT rhymes with funny 

A 6 to 12 years old activity bringing kids from computational thinking understanding to code creation

According to a European Commission report90% of jobs will require some level of digital skills in the coming years. However, today 37% of the European workers have no or only low levels of digital skills.​


CodeNPlay is an extracurricular activity dedicated to 6-12 years old children that aims at preparing our kids to their future. The lessons - given from September till June - are built on a playful way to bring kids from understanding computational thinking to creating programs.

Mens sana in corpore sano

Nowadays, being a nerd is cool. But being a nerd who can express himself in a powerful way is the key combination for smart actions. 

We're happy to announce our new summer camp concept aligning technology and expression: coding and theatrical improvisation !

The camp will take place everyday from 10th to 14th July, from 9 am to 4 pm at BeCentral (Cantersteen 10, 1000 Bruxelles).

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Improv' & Coding Summer Camp

10th - 14th July