Steve Jobs

“Everyone should learn how to program a computer... Because it teaches you to think"


After-School program

Playful and fun

Easy to implement in school

Attractive for parents

A first step in the digital world

Teacher training courses

(+ students)

In order to launch the project within the school, CodeNPlay proposes to train teachers/ educators with intersts in digital education.

Next to an introduction to digital teaching and programming, our trainings will learn the teachers how to use concrete tools and activities - which are easy to implement in the class.

CodeNPlay makes its course content online available and organizes regular follow- ups with the teachers, in this way he/she  feels confident approaching the new topic. 

Support to schools

Whether it is to develop children's digital skills or simply to improve their teaching methods, digital becomes a crucial theme for any school. Faced  the wide variety of digital  education, CodeNPlay proposes to support schools in their digital journey.


Thanks to our expertise CodeNPlay supports you first in the choice of equipment and supports you in the installation, to help your pedagogical team. 

Through the development of partnerships, we will support you logistically in the setting up of infrastructures. 

28  Octobre 2019

Formation CodeNPlay sur l'éducation au numérique

Une formation gratuite au codage et programmation ce 28 octobre: 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 On invite des (futurs) enseignants du primaire à venir découvrir avec nous les enjeux de l’éducation au numérique en primaire, et comment les aborder de manière concrètes et ludique avec tes futurs élèves!

23/10; 30/10; 13/11; 20/11; 27/11; 11/12 

CodeNPlay et Google propose: Atelier débutant en programmation 💻 

Votre enfant apprendra comment il.elle peut créer des chouettes choses en utilisant le codage au service de son imagination et sa créativité! Nous voulons leur donner l’opportunité d’en apprendre plus sur le fonctionnement des ordinateurs et de la programmation.
>> Nous utiliserons le langage de programmation Scratch <<

Is your school interested in offering on-site computer courses  ?

Getting started with CodeNPlay in the school is very easy.

All you need is: 

  • Access to a computer room (one computer for every two students);

  • A smooth internet connection when all the children are working at the same time

Since we don't want these to be requirements for training children. Therefore, if the school does not have computers, CodeNPlay can assist you in setting up the computer equipment, or even lend computers on an occasional basis. 


After-school workshops can be held in the afternoon or at noon, we also adapt to your needs