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CodeNPlay was born in 2017 from the realization that in a world increasingly shaped by digital technologies, it is becoming essential for every citizen to identify the challenges and seize the opportunities. Whatever the employment sector, but also in everyday life, today everything is modeled, quantified and facilitated by computer processes.  Understanding how digital tools work, and therefore the programming bases behind them, is becoming crucial in many ways: equal opportunities, the job market, ethics and citizenship...

To accompany this digital revolution and allow everyone to take part in it, CodeNPlay ASBL has given itself the mission to educate our children to digital, by helping elementary school to integrate an introduction to code and technologies in their curriculum. This is done through our extracurricular activities, but mostly by supporting schools in their digital transition, training teachers and students and creating a quality curriculum. 

Why learning to program?

Social issue

Digital technologies are becoming more and more important in our lives. It is essential to allow everyone to understand them and to seize their opportunities.


90% of jobs will soon require some level of digital skills. 

Pedagogical Issues

"Programming is the most powerful medium for developing sophisticated thinking. More than ever, programming should be a key component of intellectual development for people growing up."
Seymour Papert

Why in primary school

Because many children are already immersed in these technologies and it is essential to educate them to make informed, creative and active use of them

Because this is a unique opportunity to get girls interested in this topic, before gender stereotypes take effect.

Because at this age, the cognitive development of the child is enormous, and it is easier to learn a new way of thinking.

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