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We make it a point to put the joy of learning at the heart of children's learning. Using tools such as games and robotics, our goal is that the child does not even realize that he or she is learning and developing skills. What applies to our activities also applies to our facilitators: it has to be FUN!


Making the digital world accessible to all is at the heart of our project. It is by doing this in school that we can reach all children, regardless of gender or income. We place particular emphasis on making our extracurricular activities affordable or free in economically disadvantaged areas. We are careful not to stereotype in our communications and practice affirmative action when it makes an impact.

Social entrepreneurship

The passion for entrepreneurship mixed with a strong social motivation has led us to define ourselves internally as a Non Profit Startup (NPO).
We are driven by the will to move forward, to take risks, to innovate, while having for sole and unique objective to participate positively to the evolution of society, in the crucial field of education.


School is a special environment, impossible to understand without a strong field experience. We go to schools to create, test, demonstrate and consolidate our course programs so that they are always closer to the practical realities of the school.
Our team, a mix of technical profiles (engineers, computer scientists,...) and pedagogical profiles (educational sciences, instructors) always tries to combine digital skills with pedagogical experience. We also want each member, independently of his role at CodeNPlay, to give himself animations in schools. 

The child at the center of decisions

The child is at the center of every decision we make. What is good for the child and his/her development? What is the impact of this or that measure on the learner himself? The child is at the heart of our pedagogical approach, the content is ultimately designed for him/her, even if this means training the teachers. They are the actors of their own learning.


We think about our digital education in order to bring children to be future Responsible Active Critical Creative and Supportive Citizens (CRACCS)

Our mission

Educate every child in the digital world

Our vision

Take the lead in the digital transition in primary schools by empowering teachers to train their students in ict: from problem solving to computational thinking and coding; digital citizenship and robotics

Our values

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