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Initiation to programming

An adventure in the sea

During our workshop, you will learn how to create a storyline, using code.

Our own story will be called Adventure on the High Seas.

It’s a story about 2 birds on a boat, travelling home. We will use code to create and animate an ocean and tell a story that takes place on the high seas.

Are there sharks attacking the boat? Are those dolphins dancing with a mermaid?

Let your imagination run wild and create your own story!

Are you wondering what programming is and

how it's done?

October - December

Did you know that technology surrounds us every day?

Yes, there are computers and phones that are clearly advanced, but technology is also inside washing machines and even toasters. 

Each of these machines know what they have to do because someone has programmed them that way.

You will learn how to code, using your own imagination and creativity! We want to give you the opportunity to learn more about computers. And how you can create something beautiful, using code.

Practical info

Children from 8 - 12 years old

The workshop lasts 2 hours

From 14h00 to 16h00. The parents' presentation starts at 16h and will take 30 minutes.

There is no need to bring your own computer or tablet, we will have them available. 


Mercredi 23 octobre (en français)

Mercredi 30 octobre(en français)

Mercredi 13 novembre(en français)

Mercredi 20 novembre(en français)


Wednesday 27 november (in English)

Woensdag 11 December (in het Nederlands)

This is a unique workshop but if you would like to attend another workshop to go further, please contact us. Depending on the demand we will organize more workshops in the future. 



By using your imagination and the knowledge of programming, you'll create your own adventure. At the end of the workshop, you get the time to present your work to your parents and friends.

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