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Our offer

Our goal is to empower teachers to teach programming and robotics to their students. To achieve this, we have set up a system of courses in the form of modules and a training course for teachers so that they can appropriate this content and the related skills. These trainings are organized at different times of the year in our premises, or directly in a school if several teachers are interested.


In order to discover our approach before the integration of digital technology in your classes, it is possible to organize an extracurricular session in your school or an initiation session for several classes.
There are no prerequisites to take part in our training sessions, so don't hesitate to start right away and integrate digital technology in your school as soon as the new school year begins! The challenge of the digital transition for tomorrow's citizens does not wait!

Discovery initiationCodeNPlay in your classroom- 1h30 / class
Contents: I pilot a small robot


Two days training courses for teachers on our premises or in your school.
+ Accompaniment: course visits and online support




20-25m sessions in the school outside school hours - choice of schedule
Contents: Computational thinking, robotics and programming

Our method


Allow each child to understand the technological world in which they live, and to become a creative actor in it.

didactic approach

  • Project-based learning

  • Experimental

  • Team work

  • Problem-based learning

skills developed

•  Creativity
•  Logic
•  Collaboration
•  Learning to learn


  • Problems solving

  • Spatial orientation

  • Algorithms

  • Math

  • Psychomotricity 

Where to find us?

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