Come and get trained!

We invite you to come and discover with us the challenges of digital education / primary programming, and how to approach them in a concrete and fun way with your future pupils!  

When & how?

Free and free! More dates are coming!


Rather than setting a date that might not be convenient, we suggest you to visit us at our offices whenever you wish. We will take the time to show the team and explain our offer. 


In addition to that, we have set more classic training dates, it will allow you to be with a group and see what we are doing faster. 

Our trainings

What do we offer during these trainings?


1. A global vision of digital education: Use of digital tools in the classroom, programming, cyber- citizenship... We will clarify all these subjects and share the most important issues of digital education. 

2. Introduction to programming and learning for children.

3. Discover different fun tools and activities to use in your class


Because it is essential for the future: your future and the future of children.


Because school is the easiest way to prepare all children for tomorrow's digital world. Comutational thinking has become an essential societal challenge. 


Because you'll probably have to teach it sometime. The Belgian education system is gradually becoming aware of the importance of digital technology and rules are slowly being set up to integrate it into the school curriculum!

Belgium is not the first country to think about it.


Because it will give you a real advantage in your career. Well, yes, if digital comes more and more in the curricula, it means that schools will have to train their teachers. By training now, you are getting ahead of others and acquiring a rare and skill which will indispensible soon! 


Because it will give you access to a student job every student dreams of. After your training, you will be able to become a CodeNPlay certified animator if you want to give our activities in after- school activities.


It will be an extra boost and experience in your career, as well as a fun and fulfilling way to make some money. 


For students who are participating in the teacher training program, but also for anyone involved in education. We are also looking for experienced teachers or educators. Overall, anyone interested in teaching, coding or becoming a CodeNPlay animator is welcome.

We're hiring

Trying to  change  the educational landscape  with new themes  such as digital technologies and programming is  not a piece of cake.